MDA delights people:

  • We enrich people’s lives,
  • We make news and information available and
  • We support publisher’s through aligned distribution strategies that create value for stakeholders.
  • We put the right product in the right place at the right time and at the right price.
  • We deliver on our promises to publishers, meeting operational and strategic objectives.
  • We generate positive financial results, grow sales and, improve efficiencies through careful control of allocations and stock.
    • We care for the environment and operate in a sustainable manner. We reduce wastage and emissions by controlling returns and using our outsourced delivery model.
    • We support advertising results  by maximizing readership in the right markets .

MDA offers publishers circulation and distribution management services. We can provide a full distribution service or provide circulation services to an existing distributor to ensure alignment and achieve circulation goals. We specialise in supply chain management, stock control, market penetration and the provision of effective sales and market interventions based on excellent analysis and interpretation.

Services Offered

MDA specializes in managing outsourced delivery and distribution functions. We have staff based in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. We thus have people in all the major metropolitan areas of South Africa and can act and react quickly. We can work with existing distributors or act as the distributor by appointing outsourced delivery agents. In either option we offer the following services:

  • Circulation Services
  • Distribution Services
  • Print Distribution
    • Retail
    • Subscription
    • Custom
  • Consulting
  • Digital Distribution
  • Retail
  • Subscription
  • Digital subscription management
  • Integrated Digital Merchandising

MDA increases efficiencies, grows sales, manages supply chains and can act as a third party verification agent if necessary.


  • Strategy formulation
  • Distribution agreements
  • Stock control
  • Supply chain management
  • Logistics
  • Allocations
  • Returns audits
  • Subscriptions
    • Acquisitions
    • Management
    • Renewals

Market Penetration:

Access to over 10 000 stores in South Africa

We operate in all 9 provinces of South Africa

Access to over 2 000 stores in SADC countries


  • Newspapers
  • News magazines
  • ‘Classified’ magazines
  • ‘Classified’ newspapers
  • Niche publications
  • Digital Distribution
  • Subscriptions


  • Provide solutions to specific problems that you are experiencing (supply chain, stock control, distribution, access to markets etc)
  • Enhance and improve your existing operations and systems
  • Implement new systems, procedures and operations
  • Grow circulation
  • Arrest declining circulation

Distribution Boutique

  • We do not offer one size fits all solutions
  • We investigate your needs fully and provide you with tailor made solutions
  • A selection of products and services